About Project Raley

About Project Raley

What is this thing all about?

Project Raley is all about information aggregation for Citrix environments. In a typical Citrix environment, there is a lot of data kept in disparate sources for common entities. For instance, a XenApp server may have data kept in EdgeSight, the Configuration Logging Database, WMI, event logs, etc. Each one of the data sources can be described as a puzzle piece to an overall picture. The goal of Project Raley is to put the puzzle pieces together in an easy to use web application.

XenApp WCF Services

One of the data sources for Citrix environments is real time data. In the past, the main way to get real time data about your Citrix environment was to use the MFCOM API. However, Citrix stated to go a new route for an API model by utilizing PowerShell. This is a good thing, but presents a challenge if you want a product to e platform independent. So, one of the new features utilized in Project Raley is a collection of platform independent Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services. These WCF services present a common object interface regardless of platform. Moreā€¦

Citrix Configuration Logging

Starting in XenApp version 4.5, Citrix introduced a feature called Configuration Logging. Configuration Logging keeps track of all administrative changes made to your XenApp environment. Project Raley mines data from this log on demand depending on the current context.