Citrix Web Interface “SharePoint Look and Feel” Template

Download a template that makes Citrix Web Interface look and feel like Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003.

In the article titled Super Easy Customization of Citrix Web Interface 4.x I mentioned that I once customized Citrix Web Interface to look like Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 during a transition time. I have had some requests for the templates I used for that process. So, I have made these customizations available below:

 Citrix Web Interface 4.0 SharePoint Template

 Citrix Web Interface 4.2 SharePoint Template

 Citrix Web Interface 4.6 SharePoint Template


Login Screen

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Applications Page

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Author: Jason Conger

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27 thoughts on “Citrix Web Interface “SharePoint Look and Feel” Template”

  1. I am looking to place published applications as hyperlinks within a web page, with other JPEGS and HTML. I only want the user to log in once, then be able to browse thru multiple pages and click on the published app they need. Is there an easy way to do this, so it looks like a plain WEB PAGE? Thanks in advance for your input!

  2. Check out the article titled Super Easy Customization of Citrix Web Interface 4.0 (referenced at the beginning of this article). That article steps you through stripping out all of the HTML around the applications leaving you with a “plain-vanilla” application set. There is also a download on that page for a stripped down layout.ascx that should get you going in the right direction.

  3. Jason, thank you for the samples! I love them, but we are looking to go directly from the login page to a custom html page without seeing the published application page (layout.ascx). Would you know how to code that? If the above is possible, would you know how to link back to layout.ascx from a custom html page? Thank you in advance.

  4. You could put your html in layout.ascx and use the Visible property of the <asp:PlaceHolder id=”ViewPlaceHolder” runat=”server” /> control to programmatically show/hide the application set.
    Feel free to send me an email ([email protected]) with your exact use case and maybe I can be of some more assistance.

  5. I really like the share point look from the inside, but I would like to add our company’s logo on the initial logon page. How can I change the sharepoint logo to our companies logo.


  6. I have downloaded and used your sharepoint template which is great. I am currently using this template for a client of mine. I am making some modications at the client request and need some assistance. In the application page under “Home” where links 1-5 are located within the grey cell padding, I would like to expand the cell to cover the clients linke that I have customized. I can not find where to change the width. Can you please help with this.


  7. The sharepoint look and feel are really great. However if you logon with wrong password then you get not the msg that you logged on with invalid credentials but you get a more default error citrixpage.

  8. Look in the layout.ascx (make a copy of it first) here are the links covered. They will look like this.
    td class=Ms-pvnavmidl1>
    Osiris home

    If you open it in notepad++ you can find it on line 304 aproximitly.. 🙂
    This will alter your links.
    You can find the layout.acsx in wwwroot\citrix\metaframe\site\include
    Hans Straat

  9. Hey Jason –

    I wanted to toss you 2 big thumbs up. You saved me a good chunk of time, and helped make a customer mo’happier. Beer’s on me at BriForum Europe – you’ve got to come claim it though!

    Warm regards,


  10. Hello Jason.

    Can you let me know which fields that I need to change in order to change the darker blue frame underneath the main blue frame?

    I have managed to change the color where the ‘sitelogo.gif’ is located but would like to change the draker blue bar underneath to another color. I believe that it is in the sps.css or ows.css file? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  11. I got this when I tried to use the 4.2 template on what was actually a 4.0 site. Copied over with the 4.0 template and it worked.

  12. We use GoToAssist when we work with end users, and I want to add a GTA button for the users to click on that will take them to the site. I want to place the icon in the “Applications” frame, next to the application refresh icon.

  13. Hello,

    Is the Citrix Web Interface 4.6 SharePoint Template used for SharePoint 2007? If not can you make one of those?

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