Citrix Synergy 2015 Day 2 Keynote Live Blog

The day 2 keynote this year is focused on things that are yet to come.  Traditionally, the first day keynote intermingled the “what’s available now” stuff with the “what’s coming in the next 6, 12, 18, n” months.  By breaking these things up into 2 days, it is a little more clear that what is shown today isn’t readily available, but is more of the direction of Citrix.

May 13, 2015, 8:45 am

There is a demo now that shows dynamic mobile application containerization.  The demo shows putting a XenMobile container around Microsoft Lync.  Microsoft Lync is not an app that you can download and then containerize.  However, this dynamic containerization allows the admin to point XenMobile to a URL for the Lync application in the Apple App Store.  Then, XenMobile dynamically downloads the app and wraps it in a container form MAM.

This seems cool, but leaves a lot of questions such as EULA on apps and the App Store for that fact?

May 13, 2015, 8:33 am

There is a lot of potential with Octoblu.  Your environment can react to your presence, voice, gestures, and so much more.  Monitoring can kick off physical indicators like lights, or pictures, or lasers even.  Imagine scanning a badge to enter a building and having your Citrix sessions spun up for you and ready to go when you get to your desk.  Cool stuff indeed!

May 13, 2015, 8:23 am

Chris Fleck is showing next generation smooth roaming.  Using beacons, your session roams based on where you are.  Also, new gestures are introduced where you can “swipe” your screen up to a conference room display.  Meaning, walk into a conference room and do some gesture on your device to send it to the screen.

May 13, 2015, 8:14 am

Gus Pinto shows Citrix Concierge.  This technology allows an end user to request help from someone remotely.  This concept is nothing new, but the implementation is quite impressive.  Basically, the end user of a published app/desktop can click a button to request help via text and/or video chat.  Then, the person helping can do a screen collaboration.  I’m just guessing, but it looks like there are some pieces from HDX Mobile (a.k.a. Mobile SDK) and GoToMeeting.  The Mobile SDK allows access to the local device’s microphone, speaker, and video.  GoToMeeting allows the screen collaboration.  Again, I’m just guessing here…

May 13, 2015, 7:29 am

Juan is now showing Receiver running a desktop on a Raspberry Pi device. Raspberry Pi devices only cost 35 USD.  So, this could be a really good solution for anywhere thin clients are used like manufacturing and education.

May 13, 2015, 7:21 am

Juan Rivera is talking about AppDisk Layering Technology.  This technology combines intelligence about apps derived from AppDNA to create app packages that you can deliver at run time via a layer, App-V, .msi, etc.

May 13, 2015, 7:16 am

Software defined paper is like an Amazon Kindle with eInk.  Except, you can write on it and save your notes (including ShareFile).  These notes can then be synced with your other devices.  The one Mark is showing is made by Sony.

May 13, 2015, 7:09 am

2400 registrations for the Citrix User Group Community in 1 day – awesome! #CitrixSynergy

May 13, 2015, 7:07 am

Mark admits the he got in trouble for going off script yesterday when the demo gods were not with him.  Fortunately, today there is no script. #CitrixSynergy

May 12, 2015, 9:29 am

Day one keynote is over. There were a few gems, but a lot of the future stuff is coming tomorrow.  Today, we did get to see XenApp and Citrix Workspace Cloud.  Hopefully tomorrow we will see some Octoblu and IoT goodness.

May 12, 2015, 9:26 am

The “one more thing” this year is  a partnership with a company called Nimble Collective. Nimble is behind animated hits like Shrek, Madagascar, Toy Story, and more.  Nimble uses Citrix Workspace Cloud to collaborate with each other to design, model, and animate.

Fun fact – it takes 500 artists 1 year to make one hour of animated film!

May 12, 2015, 9:05 am

Lifecycle management allows you to quickly and easily deploy new software and workloads.  Lifecycle management has several pre-built blueprints that you can use to easily build things like a Login VSI setup, a new Active Directory, an Atlantis Workspace setup, etc.

May 12, 2015, 8:54 am

I really like Citrix Workspace Cloud! We need an API to gather telemetry though #CitrixSynergy

May 12, 2015, 8:50 am

Citrix Workspace Cloud takes the same control plane idea of ShareFile and applies that to XenApp/Desktop.  The control plane (broker/delivery controller) is cloud-hosted, but the workloads remain on your premises. I wrote a blog about this last year when the idea was announced from the perspective of a CSP ->

May 12, 2015, 8:37 am

ShareFile Platinum has unlimited storage and is aimed at becoming your enterprise home drive #CitrixSynergy

May 12, 2015, 8:22 am

Linux Virtual Desktops are now a thing for XenApp/Desktop – extends the any, any, any vision #CitrixSynergy

May 12, 2015, 8:19 am

Today’s keynote is showing things that are available today. Tomorrow’s keynote = future stuff. #CitrixSynergy

May 12, 2015, 8:15 am

Finally! Receiver has folders and (supported) branding – and, branding doesn’t have to change when SF does #CitrixSynergy

May 12, 2015, 8:08 am

XenApp 6.5 FP StoreFront 3 gives a single pane of glass for XenApp 5/6.x/7.x #CitrixSynergy

May 12, 2015, 8:05 am

XenApp 6.5 lifecycle extended until 2017.  I still see A LOT of XenApp 6.5 out there, so this is good news! #CitrixSynergy

May 12, 2015, 7:49 am

The new Any, Any, Any message. Any App, Any Device, Any Cloud. #CitrixSynergy

May 12, 2015, 7:47 am

I love that Mark basically gave the Splunk elevator pitch in the context of NetScaler.  Consuming machine data from NetScaler and correlating that to other data for multiple use cases like monitoring, security, performance, operational intelligence, the list goes on.  Using Appflow and syslog data from NetScaler together with Splunk definitely gives you more operational insight.

May 12, 2015, 7:30 am

#CitrixSynergy @CitrixCEO showing all you need to connect to your “workspace” is available in your pocket. The main things missing are I/O like keyboard and mouse – which Citrix has addressed with the X1 mouse.

May 12, 2015, 7:20 am

First demo up is CubeFree This is basically Yelp for #CitrixSynergy letting you check in, find food, find access points, follow people, etc.

May 12, 2015, 7:17 am

XenApp getting some love right out of the gate at #CitrixSynergy

May 12, 2015, 7:11 am

The #CitrixSynergy keynote has officially started.

May 12, 2015, 7:04 am

Brian Madden is on Synergy TV. What the wha??? #CitrixSynergy

May 12, 2015, 6:56 am

Things I’m hoping to see in the upcoming keynotes – Citrix Workspace Cloud, XenApp/Desktop futures, mobility, and Octoblu. Octoblu is so fun and exciting – it really speaks to my inner geek.

May 6, 2014, 12:29 pm

#CitrixSynergy Citrix Workspace Services provides all the backend Citrix “stuff” as a service all running on Azure. This is cool and re-solidifies the Citrix/MS relationship.

May 6, 2014, 12:24 pm

#CitrixSynergy announcing “Citrix Workspace Services” which is a platform for designing, building, and delivering mobile workspaces.

May 6, 2014, 12:22 pm

#CitrixSynergy time for “One more thing”. There is a need to move from a “gatekeeper” to a “shopkeeper”. Shopkeepers are laser focused on making a flawless experience for the customers that enter the store.

May 6, 2014, 12:01 pm

#CitrixSynergy XenMobile 9 announced. All the new Worx apps are included Tech Preview. The Worx-enabled Apps ecosystem has expanded with printing, texting, and more from partners.

May 6, 2014, 11:38 am

#CitrixSynergy WorxMail, WorxWeb, and WorxNotes demo time. These apps provide a great user experience to corporate mail, websites, and collaboration. The apps are “containerized” and provide more features than native apps because they have backend access into the datacenter.

May 6, 2014, 11:28 am

#CitrixSynergy Brad Peterson is on stage talking about User Experience on multiple devices. UI/UX first.

May 6, 2014, 11:11 am

#CitrixSynergy FTR, I loved the look and branding ability of the new Receiver. Can’t wait to play with that.

May 6, 2014, 11:08 am

#CitrixSynergy experience first – yes! Because if it looks better, it is perceived to be better. That’s just the way it is.

May 6, 2014, 11:03 am

#CitrixSynergy we’re an hour into this now, but not a ton of new stuff communicated yet 🙁

May 6, 2014, 10:55 am

#CitrixSynergy branding Receiver? Yes! Love it.

May 6, 2014, 10:54 am

#CitrixSynergy Receiver improvements include Chrome OS and Mac updates including local GPU usage.

May 6, 2014, 10:31 am

#CitrixSynergy Survey says this BT talk is zzzzzzz

May 6, 2014, 10:25 am

#CitrixSynergy Neil Lock from BT Global is on stage talking about CSP.

May 6, 2014, 10:20 am

#CitrixSynergy Innovation Award winner is Autodesk. They do cool stuff like Avatar movie.

May 6, 2014, 10:14 am

#CitrixSynergy Innovation Award time.

May 6, 2014, 10:07 am

#CitrixSynergy keynote has officially started with Mark T wearing a Pharrell hat dancing to Happy.

May 22, 2013, 12:56 pm

#CitrixSynergy @splunk getting some love at the keynote with Netscaler SDK.

May 22, 2013, 12:51 pm

#CitrixSynergy Worx App Gallery is where all these Worx enabled apps are stored – like the Apple App Store. Available later this year.

May 22, 2013, 12:49 pm

#CitrixSynergy number of time SDK mentioned on stage = 2. Number of times XenApp mentioned = 1. You decide…

May 22, 2013, 12:48 pm

#CitrixSynergy devs are getting some love at the keynote.  Worx App SDK now mentioned on stage.

May 22, 2013, 12:48 pm

#CitrixSynergy XenMobile has 3 flavors – MDM, Apps, and Enterprise. This allows you to layer in XenMobile parts if you already have other solutions in place.

May 22, 2013, 12:43 pm

#CitrixSynergy ShareFile also allows you to connect enterprise file shares and SharePoint libraries to mobile devices. Too cool!

May 22, 2013, 12:43 pm

#CitrixSynergy ShareFile now supports editing files on mobile devices. Time to drop Dropbox?

May 22, 2013, 12:33 pm

#CitrixSynergy XenMobile can also control app interactions on the mobile device. So, you can stop Salesforce copy/paste to notes app.

May 22, 2013, 12:26 pm

#CitrixSynergy XenMobile does MAM, but also workflow requests for apps, app store, remote support, and more.

May 22, 2013, 12:17 pm

#CitrixSynergy XenApp 6.5 FP2 will be available in June. Includes HDX 3d, Mobile SDK, AppDNA P2V, and more.

May 22, 2013, 12:16 pm

#CitrixSynergy for all the XenApp junkies (like myself), XenDestop 7 App Edition is basically the next XenApp.

May 22, 2013, 12:13 pm

#CitrixSynergy XBox style hand gestures in the air (no touch) being shown on a virtual desktop with Google Earth. Seriously, check the keynote video for these demos.

May 22, 2013, 12:07 pm

#CitrixSynergy the jokes are flat, but the demos more than make up for that! You gotta see the video.

May 22, 2013, 12:00 pm

#CitrixSynergy Really intensive apps for graphics and 3D are running amazing on mobile and cloud via NVIDIA. Check out the keynote video to check it out.

May 22, 2013, 11:50 am

#CitrixSynergy EdgeSight is all new and looks great! They probably should have dropped the name EdgeSight due to baggage with the name.

May 22, 2013, 11:42 am

#CitrixSynergy – here is one of my examples for Mobile SDK for Windows Apps

May 22, 2013, 11:41 am

#CitrixSynergy YES! The Mobile SDK for Windows App is getting love in the keynote! I LOVE that SDK – really innovative!

May 22, 2013, 11:37 am

#CitrixSynergy really? Applause for 2 consoles. The strategy is to make things really bad so when we make things less bad, people will like us – brilliant!

May 22, 2013, 11:36 am

#CitrixSynergy finally, XenDesktop 7 has been announced. Not a shocker on the name considering all the leaks (by Citrix) beforehand.

May 22, 2013, 11:34 am

#CitrixSynergy this keynote enforces the mobile play focus of the company. BYOE – Bring Your Own Everything (device, network, cloud, etc.)

May 22, 2013, 11:17 am

#CitrixSynergy update DesktopPlayer for Mac – similar but different from VMware Fusion.

May 22, 2013, 11:15 am

#CitrixSynergy update more support for Microsoft Hyper-V and App-V? XenServer sheds a tear maybe?

May 22, 2013, 11:14 am

#CitrixSynergy update ShareFile now runs on Windows Azure

May 22, 2013, 11:14 am

#CitrixSynergy update ShareFile storage zone connectors connect network shares and SharePoint to mobile devices.

May 22, 2013, 11:08 am

Spolier alerts are all over the Citrix blogs #CitrixSynergy

May 22, 2013, 10:46 am

@JackMadden and @GabeKnuth are covering the #CitrixSynergy keynote as well here –

May 22, 2013, 10:43 am

Sitting in the keynote arena for #CitrixSynergy getting set up for the live blog feed at

October 18, 2012, 4:42 am

#CitrixSynergy Citrix Labs always amazes! Face recognition and voice authentication via Kinect for more natural meeting spaces.

October 18, 2012, 4:37 am

#CitrixSynergy cool – forward an email thread to #Podio to create a populated workspace.

October 18, 2012, 4:36 am

#CitrixSynergy #Podio Build Your Own App looks cool for simple apps. HTML 5 responsive design for mobile built in!

October 18, 2012, 4:27 am

#CitrixSynergy ‘The end user experience will be the most important thing you have to deliver’

October 18, 2012, 4:22 am

#CitrixSynergy Cisco Nexus configuration within CloudPlatform (CloudStack) for advanced network configuration.

October 18, 2012, 4:00 am

#CitrixSynergy ByteMoble dynamically adjusts video bit rates based on available bandwidth. Sounds VideoFrame -esque

October 18, 2012, 3:34 am

#CitrixSynergy Flexible delivery technology. XenClient, shift to XenDesktop and desktop data, apps, and prof follow you. Change to a different XenClient device as well – Central Image.

October 18, 2012, 3:14 am

#CitrixSynergy the super session will focus on scalable compute, high performance networks, and flexible delivery.

October 17, 2012, 4:54 am

#CitrixSynergy #Cisco will continue to support ACE, but recommend NetScaler solutions going forward.

October 17, 2012, 4:42 am

#CitrixSynergy one more thing – #Cisco partnership. Padmasree Warrior on stage giving more details.

October 17, 2012, 4:34 am

#CitrixSynergy #Splunk getting a shout out on the keynote stage!

October 17, 2012, 4:19 am

#CitrixSynergy Don’t be scared of HDX EdgeSight – it is only similar to EdgeSight in name/concept and not technology.

October 17, 2012, 4:15 am

#CitrixSynergy 2 tenants of CSP are automation and self-service. Good to see Project Avalon brining this out of the box to the enterprise.

October 17, 2012, 4:14 am

#CitrixSynergy the CSP program inspired Citrix’s thinking of private cloud with Project Avalon.

October 17, 2012, 4:05 am

#CitrixSynergy MDX secures web, mail, and native mobile apps and gives remote wipe capabilities. BYOD is getting easier.

October 17, 2012, 3:53 am

#CitrixSynergy @WorkWeb exposes intranet sites securely on mobile devices without VPN.

October 17, 2012, 3:51 am

#CitrixSynergy MDX containerizes native mobile apps to secure data and application interaction on the mobile device.

October 17, 2012, 3:44 am

#CitrixSynergy #ShareFile on demand file sync – get files when you need them without massive overhead. Nice!

October 17, 2012, 3:42 am

#CitrixSynergy #ShareFile now with on-premise storage zones. Access your local network shares.

October 17, 2012, 3:39 am

#CitrixSynergy would be cool if G2M could use Star Wars-esque holograms. Then we would be talking…

October 17, 2012, 3:37 am

#CitrixSynergy GoToMeeting with green screen and Kinect for futuristic meetings.

October 17, 2012, 3:26 am

#CitrixSynergy “We built Podio to kill the notion that Social is separate from work”

October 17, 2012, 3:22 am

#CitrixSynergy GoToMeeting with HD Faces presenting from the iPad is the new hotness!

October 17, 2012, 3:18 am

#CitrixSynergy GoToMeeting now allows you to present from an iPad – nice!

October 17, 2012, 3:11 am

#CitrixSynergy Cloud Flexibility is extending the differential gap from Enterprise IT

October 17, 2012, 2:54 am

XBox controller plugged into a Windows 7 laptop remoting to a Windows 8 VM – all works. Business case in there somewhere i guess #CitrixSynergy

October 17, 2012, 2:47 am

#Synergy update on #Microsoft – 80% growth of #XenDesktop running on Hyper-V.

October 17, 2012, 2:45 am

#XenServer storage live migration being touted on stage by @CitrixCEO – migrate VMs across pools without shared storage.

October 17, 2012, 2:39 am

Prereq intro video starting – more imagery about about work/life balance – a line blurred even more by Citrix technology – good or bad?

October 17, 2012, 2:36 am

I was first introduced to the Citrix Mobility SDK during this keynote last year. Chances of Visual Studio being opened again live on stage? Probably zilch…

May 10, 2012, 11:41 am

#CitrixSynergy Project Avalon looks like it will be really cool. Citrix has all the puzzle pieces, now it is time to assemble.

May 10, 2012, 11:36 am

#CitrixSynergy CloudPortal (formerly Cortex will have approval workflows built in (in the future).

May 10, 2012, 11:26 am

#CitrixSynergy cool – Desktop studio has integration with provisioning on CloudStack and Availability zones.

May 10, 2012, 11:23 am

#CitrixSynergy Citrix is getting it – the CSP ideal fits nicely into the Enterprise.

May 10, 2012, 11:14 am

#CitrixSynergy John Dillon and Bill Platt from EngineYard on stage talking PaaS and demoing on CloudStack.

May 10, 2012, 11:04 am

#CitrixSynergy SunGard is on stage talking DR and CloudStack. CloudBridge is also certified to run at SunGard.

May 10, 2012, 10:47 am

#CitrixSynergy Softlayer is on stage demoing Netscaler provisioning on the fly. Point, click, pay, and you’re good to go.

May 10, 2012, 10:43 am

#CitrixSynergy Netscaler CloudBridge2 with built in cloud providers is really cool. Lets you set up a bridge between your inf. and a public cloud quickly and easily. Kind of like a app store for public clouds.

May 10, 2012, 10:37 am

#CitrixSynergy we’re looking at a demo from RightScale now. Orchestration to AWS, CloudStack, and bursting. Will Avalon be disruptive in this area?

May 10, 2012, 10:17 am

#CitrixSynergy 1&1 has built their cloud on top of XenServer. Details are scarce though


May 10, 2012, 10:09 am

#CitrixSynergy if you are running workloads on CloudStack and want to move them to AWS, you can do that – cool.

May 10, 2012, 9:54 am

#CitrixSynergy – the Cloud to CIO, all your IT are belong to us…

May 10, 2012, 9:49 am

#CitrixSynergy the driving idea so far is the rank and file employees are driving the adoption of cloud in the enterprise. Ready or not CIO, here comes cloud.

May 10, 2012, 9:46 am

#CitrixSynergy @GevaPerry is on now. Talking about cloud adoption is from the bottom up which is a fancy way of saying consumerization of IT

May 10, 2012, 9:42 am

#CitrixSynergy now talking about what cloud is not. This session has the potential to be a snoozer. Please prove me wrong.

May 10, 2012, 9:39 am

#CitrixSynergy from the speaker lineup, this keynote will be mostly cloud centric.

May 9, 2012, 1:37 pm

CitrixSynergy keynote is over. As promised lots of cloud and mobility talk. NOTHING FOLLOWS

May 9, 2012, 1:34 pm

#CitrixSynergy 2 aspects for service providers are automation and self-service. Project Avalon is helping tremendously in this area!

May 9, 2012, 1:32 pm

#CitrixSynergy Project Avalon-a mix of CloudPlatform, Rainmaker, CloudPortal, and a dash of nutmeg

May 9, 2012, 1:22 pm

#CitrixSynergy Citrix’s commercial version of Apache CloudStack is now called Citrix CloudPlatform.

May 9, 2012, 1:21 pm

#CitrixSynergy CloudStack is now part of the Apache Software Foundation – now called Apache CloudStack.

May 9, 2012, 1:18 pm

#CitrixSynergy I usually don’t excited about thin clients, but the 13 watt power over ethernet flat screen montior with HDX was awesome.

May 9, 2012, 1:11 pm

#CitrixSynergy Receiver on Windows 8 in fluid Metro style. All the tiles and corners are supported.

May 9, 2012, 1:02 pm

#CitrixSynergy FlexCast RemotePC isn’t really new AFAIKT – with the exception of not disabling Aero on the physical PC.

May 9, 2012, 1:00 pm

#CitrixSynergy FlexCast with RemotePC. Basically installing a VDA on a physical desktop and letting XD broker the connection.

May 9, 2012, 12:47 pm

#CitrixSynergy Citrix Receiver delivering native iOS enterprise apps. Remote wipe works with the delivered apps too.

May 9, 2012, 12:46 pm

#CitrixSynergy Citrix Receiver delivering a native browser that can access internal websites without publishing a XenApp browser. Cool.

May 9, 2012, 12:37 pm

#CitrixSynergy RT @rickd4real – Love the #iHTML5WinAndroid icon. Thx @thomaskrampe

May 9, 2012, 12:31 pm

#CitrixSynergy ‘ShareFile is not Dropbox for the enterprise, it is more like iCloud for business’ – Mark T.

May 9, 2012, 12:23 pm

#CitrixSynergy ShareFile with StorageZones – private and public cloud options, geo location options, and such. Helps with export restrictions.

May 9, 2012, 12:20 pm

#CitrixSynergy Podio is free for teams of up to 5 people. No mention on how it is priced after that.

May 9, 2012, 12:19 pm

#CitrixSynergy I just signed up for a Podio account with my Google account. Literally took like 20 seconds. I really dig this!

May 9, 2012, 12:16 pm

#CitrixSynergy Podio integrates with GoToMeeting. This Podio stuff is really cool! This type of technology really helps mobile workers feel “part” of the team.

May 9, 2012, 12:13 pm

#CitrixSynergy Podio looks more powerful than Socialcast. I’m liking what I’m seeing 🙂

May 9, 2012, 12:12 pm

#CitrixSynergy Podio demo -This reminds me of Socialcast (kind of like Facebook for enterprise).

May 9, 2012, 12:09 pm

#CitrixSynergy Team collaboration with all the poser of social – Podio (now part of Citrix)

May 9, 2012, 11:57 am

#CitrixSynergy The Citrix innovation award nominees are focused – you guessed it – cloud and mobility

May 9, 2012, 11:51 am

#CitrixSynergy “Hyper-V is able to double the VM density over a year ago.” – Mark T.

May 9, 2012, 11:51 am

#CitrixSynergy Citrix has acquired Virtual Computer – now XenClient Enterprise Edition – 5. If you have XenDesktop Enterprise, you get XenClient Enterprise.

May 9, 2012, 11:43 am

#CitrixSynergy 2 main topics are mobile and cloud. I really like both of those topics (mobility SDK is awesome and I dig CloudStack). Let’s see what else is up the sleeve…

May 9, 2012, 11:40 am

The keynote has started. It looks like the theme of this year will be “work and play”. Hinting at personalization, social (Podio), mobility, etc.

October 26, 2011, 4:57 am

Keynote is over.  Overall there were some really great things shown.  Lots of tech previews to check out.  If you want to view the keynote again, check out  I still do not get the Receiver for Facebook though.

October 26, 2011, 4:35 am

#CitrixSynergy connecting private and public clouds.  Citrix is making it easy to add access to public clouds from your private cloud.  A new “product”  is announced called CloudConnectors.  This is a partnership with several public cloud providers to basically allow Layer 2 and 3 transparency via CloudBridge (via NetScaler).  This is kind of cool because you can seamlessly extend infrastructure into public clouds (like cloud bursting).  From what I understand, you do not necessarily need a NetScaler at both ends.

October 26, 2011, 4:29 am

#CitrixSynergy a demo of Windows 8 Metro is shown on stage.  Receiver is seamless in this environment.  Windows 8 Metro looks to be smooth with HDX and XenDesktop.  Touch in Metro is working on the native device with Receiver or withing a VDI desktop using XenDesktop.

October 26, 2011, 4:16 am

#CitrixSynergy HDX System-on-a-chip is being discussed.  This is a strategy of working with hardware manufactures (currently NComputing and Texas Instruments) to offload high performance multimedia onto a HDX chip.  This lets thin-clients leverage HDX to full potential.  This doesn’t mean that Citrix is entering the thin-client market.  I am not convinced on how useful this is in business.

October 26, 2011, 3:58 am

#CitrixSynergy Citrix CloudGateway.  This is the new direction of Citrix Delivery Services.  Includes a section called StoreFront services.  StoreFront is what Citrix Receiver connect to in order to present available application to the end user.  This helps turn the Receiver into an iPhone/iPad/Android type experience where users connect to a store and choose which apps they want.  This continues to hammer down the message that Citrix is focusing on the new workforce and the consumerization of IT.

October 26, 2011, 3:48 am

Follow-Me-Data is being shown.  This is built into Receiver.  Brad Peterson (Chief Demo Officer) started on a Mac and created some data.  This data followed him to a Windows client.  Then, the data followed him to an iPad.  Brad took a live picture with the iPad and it synced to all devices including an Android tablet and a Chromebook.  Since, Chromebook doesn’t have a native viewer for some apps, HTML 5 was used to render.   All this data is synchronized to the cloud as well.  This helps solve some offline use cases.

October 26, 2011, 3:34 am

#CitrixSynergy GoToMeeting workspaces has the ability to add files to a meeting.  Meeting participants can  make comments within the files (markups).  there is a lot of potential to integrate ShareFile here as the files kept in the meeting work space have to manually be uploaded and downloaded.  ShareFile could make this a lot more seamless.

October 26, 2011, 3:26 am

The ShareFile capabilities are being shown.  There are a lot of cool things this product can do – portal, remote wipe, Microsoft Outlook plugin (which can detect large files being attached to a message and automatically move the attachment to ShareFile to be delivered securely outside the email).  This outlook feature could “potentially” lessen the need for encrypted email.

October 26, 2011, 3:17 am

#CitrixSynergy – a Citrix Service Provider perspective on the ShareFile acquisition.

October 26, 2011, 3:15 am

#CitrixSynergy talking about data because “content is king”.  This should be a segue into the ShareFile acquisition.

October 26, 2011, 3:10 am

#CitrixSynergy the exception has now become the rule.  For example, the former exception (and now the rule) is a mobile worker that uses store apps.  This again is enforcing the messages of personal cloud, BYO, and the consumerization of IT.  We are now watching a video of Citrix customers enforcing this message even further.

October 26, 2011, 3:03 am

#CitrixSynergy New term coined – VUCA.  Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity.  This message is enforcing the consumerization of IT message.  This message is a good segue to the BYO.  BYO-computer, BYO-device, and now BYO-cloud (i.e. personal cloud).

October 26, 2011, 2:52 am

#CitrixSynergy the Cisco/Citrix alliance is being discussed. New Cisco endpoints with embedded Receiver – VXI initiative.  Mainly focused on improving HDX for XenDesktop, but plans for more innovation in other areas.

October 26, 2011, 2:46 am

#CitrixSynergy The acquisition of AppDNA has been officially announced.  Many people predicted that Citrix would purchase them after Quest bought ChangeBASE.  This is strategic for the EOL of Windows XP and making the transition to Windows 7, Windows 8, and beyond…

October 26, 2011, 2:38 am

The #CitrixSynergy keynote is underway.  Started with a video that mentions “personal cloud” – i.e. the consumerization of IT.

May 25, 2011, 1:41 pm

#citrixsynergy End of keynote. Nothing follows.

May 25, 2011, 1:38 pm

#citrixsynergy @guspinto showing Citrix Receiver delivering a Mac desktop via XenDesktop. Gus sucks at Angry Birds!

May 25, 2011, 1:31 pm

#citrixsynergy Citrix Receiver can now deliver Android apps. So, now you can have Android apps on a Windows platform via Receiver.

May 25, 2011, 1:28 pm

#citrixsynergy End of message. But, in Steve Jobs fashion, there is “one” more thing. Although, now there are 2 more things.

May 25, 2011, 1:21 pm

#citrixsynergy OpenStack is being discussed now. Citrix is announcing Project Olympus to bring the power of OpenStack to enterprises. This will allow enterprises to build private cloud environments inside their own datacenter that works just like public cloud environments. This is a joint effort including players like Citrix, Dell, Rackspace, etc.

May 25, 2011, 1:09 pm

#citrixsynergy NetScaler Cloud Bridge helps bridge the gap between your enterprise and public clouds. You can run an app in a public cloud but keep the data in your local data center.

May 25, 2011, 12:59 pm

#citrixsynergy Follow-me data. Dropbox, Box.Net, enterprise data, etc. being synced on multiple devices. This data is stored in an encrypted (probably via XenVault) section of the client. Remote wipe, polices, admin control. This is some pretty sweet stuff.

May 25, 2011, 12:51 pm

#citrixsynergy NetScaler Cloud Gateway is one place to aggregate, orchestrate, and deliver SaaS, Web, and Windows apps. Receiver is a one stop shop for access to your enterprise and SaaS apps.

May 25, 2011, 12:43 pm

#citrixsynergy GoToManage for iPad will be free for a 1-to-1 session. Look for it in the App Store soon!

May 25, 2011, 12:37 pm

#citrixsynergy Brad Peterson showing the new Receiver. Published apps are alive and strong. It isn’t all about VDI or hosted virtual desktops – which is refreshing.

May 25, 2011, 12:31 pm

#citrixsynergy Google is deploying Citrix and Chromebooks internally. How cool is that…

May 25, 2011, 12:28 pm

#citrixsynergy Amit Singh from Google is coming on stage to talk about Chromebook and Citrix Reciver for Web. HTML 5 is the man! No need to download client – Citrix just works from the browser. Brad Peterson is showcasing a Chromebook with Receiver for Web. This is awesome.

May 25, 2011, 12:21 pm

#citrixsynergy XenClient XT is available for extreme security. This message will self destruct in 2 minutes…

May 25, 2011, 12:17 pm

#citrixsynergy Now, Mark is talking about XenClient. XenClient is now supported on more hardware – no more dependence on vPro (although full motion video and 3D will suffer a bit on non vPro).

May 25, 2011, 12:14 pm

#citrixsynergy GoToMeeting with HD faces is available for Beta today! 2 new ads are being shown in the keynote.

May 25, 2011, 12:12 pm

#citrixsynergy “Easier & simpler” lowers TCO and raises TVO. So “Easier & Simpler” is the pivot of an inverse proportion.

May 25, 2011, 12:04 pm

#citrixsynergy There are now 3 “PC”‘s – Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Personal Cloud.  Is “Personal Cloud” taking things too far – I think maybe/maybe not.  With the consumerization of IT, people are brining their compute environment with them wherever, whenever, on whatever device.

May 25, 2011, 11:58 am

#citrixsynergy Any, any, any is now whatever, whenever, wherever.  TCO is being replace by TVO (Total Value of Ownership).  TVO makes sense because the value can be more or less than the actual cost of something.

May 25, 2011, 11:49 am

#citrixsynergy on no!  More “snack, dine, create” analogies.  Although, the new term coined is BYO-3 – which makes sense.  A lot of people bring multiple devices (laptop, tablet, phone).  Also people are brining their own compute environment too (dropbox, cloud apps, gmail, etc.).  Consumerization is alive and kicking in IT.  Citrix is embracing this.

May 25, 2011, 11:41 am

#citrixsynergy Mark T  “Hyper-V a great platform for XenDesktop”

May 25, 2011, 11:39 am

#citrixsynergy Kaviza is the subject.  Complexity is “optional”.

May 25, 2011, 11:38 am

#citrixsynergy we’re going to talk a lot about the cloud.  Tomorrow the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) will be presenting.

May 25, 2011, 11:36 am

#citrixsynergy And… wer’e off. Mark T on stage now.  Standing room only.

May 25, 2011, 11:30 am

#citrixsynergy Brian Madden is live blogging too ->

May 25, 2011, 11:23 am

Watch the keynote live here ->

May 25, 2011, 11:17 am

People are filing in to the keynote now. There is a DJ spinning some tunes as a rumored 5,500 attendees file in.


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